Friday, September 18, 2009

Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker Demo at TGS

Production on Kojima's new entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise must be progressing well. The auteur developer has announced that a playable demo of the cold-war espionage title will be given out to attendees at this year's Tokyo Game Show. The conference takes place between September 24th - 28th, and the last few days of the event are open to the public. Konami says that this demo is "exclusive" to the Japanese conference, but perhaps users will find a way to share the demo with those of us too broke to attend. Or, better yet, maybe Konami will release a public demo on the PSN so that we can all see what Kojima and his team have been up to. Right now we're not sure what will be in the demo, but we suspect that Kojima will want to show off the cooperative multiplayer system at the heart of the game.
In addition to hot games like Peacewalker, Kingdom Hearts and Gran Turismo PSP, we will be keeping a close eye on Sony this year. That's because the company says it is ready to take the lid off one of its Secret Games for the PS3. What could it be? Our money is on an RPG title of some sort, because those are always popular in Japan.

Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker looks good so far.
Source: Official Kojima TGS site

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