Thursday, September 17, 2009

Golem Quest Open Source J2me Game

Some years ago i had create a J2me game that i had not published and i decided to give it as Open Source software. So click here to download Golem Quest for mobile phones.
Golem Quest is an action game that players control a Golem and try to destroy towers. During the game you fight against mythical creatures like Elves, Magicians, Solars etc that will try to stop you.
Golem Quest is allmost completed, it is fully playable, there are 9 different levels and bugs free but there are some menu options that are not working.  It is design to be played in mobile phones that support MIDP 2.0, with  screen size 176x208  and above. You can download the rar and extract the netbeans project with the compiled game to test it, change it or just read some J2me source code

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