Monday, September 14, 2009

Games that you can play from anyware

The past 8 years we have seen the evolution of a new type of gaming the browser games. Browser games are video games that can be played through a web browser like Internet explorer, Firefox, opera, Chrome etc . This difference makes these games distinct from other video games because they do not need any special client side software to play these games,except from the web browser and you can play these games from everywhere. From your home, your work (do not tell this to your boss) or even from the bus if you have a good mobile phone (like Samsung Omnia) with internet access.  There are browser games that rely entirely to client side technologies such as javascript, java applets or flash and games that employ server side technologies such as php,jsp and asp scripting. The seccond case consists mainly of massively multiplayer games and board or card games where the user uses  can find opponends to play chess, backammon etc. Client side games typicaly are single-player games.

Games that have gain good audience the past years are
Evony  on line
This is a medieval on line strategy game that your goal is to create cities and colonize territories to gain reputation 

A post-medieval time pirate game that you control a ship and fight sea monsters and other pirates 

One of the best browser games ever made. It is a futuristic Galaxy 
on-line strategy game that your goal is to buld a space empire

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