Friday, January 3, 2014

Castle Crashers

The past days I have spent some time playing a really cool indie game called "Castle Crashers". It is a hach and slash arcade style game with RPG elements and looks like a parody of the "Golden Axe" that is available on steam and It is one of the better indie games I have ever played. The graphics are nice, the music is discent and the entertainment is outstanding. If you like to play beat em ups/ side scrolling games/arcade games you must defenately buy this game.

Happy new year

I wish to all of you a happy new year with more success on your personal goals, kindness and lots of fun. The last year is over, my last game "Smash The Goblins" reached the 110000 downloads and now I am working on my next projects. Soon you will have my next game on your mobile devices and I hope that yu will like it. Thanks for you support