Saturday, September 19, 2009

Browser game: ai pengo

I have found another good java applet  game game that you can play online
it is called ai pengo and it is hosted at

click here to play

AI Pengo is a distant relative of the 1982 arcade game Pengo, and a semi-sequel to the Amiga game Martinsoft Pengo from 1994. The game was written by Martin Rebas.

How to play it
You're a penguin in a maze made out of ice blocks, which you can push around. On each level, you'll be hunted by monsters that hatch from weird-looking eggs. The monsters start out very slow (a third of your speed), but become faster on later levels. To progress to the next stage, squash all the monsters by pushing ice blocks onto them. If you're not quick enough, the squashed ones will reappear!
There are 36 levels. If you're one of the 99 best players, you get to write your name on the hiscore list!

Basic controls
Move using the arrow keys. Push ice blocks with space.
If the keys don't seem to work, try clicking the game once with the left mouse button.

Other important keys
On the title screen, use space to start, "h" to show hiscores, and "s" to read the story.
While playing, you can pause the game with "p" and turn in-game music on or off with "m".
There's an alternative "slippery-slidey" control mode, which you activate by pressing "k".
Oh, and the "g" key has no function whatsoever in this game.

System requirements
AI Pengo was created on a 400MHz PC, and needs a reasonably fast computer to run properly. If AI Pengo doesn't start at all, it might be because your browser doesn't support Java, or because the internet connection is bad and the game can't load the required data.

About AI Pengo
I wrote this game to try out some ideas for Artificial Intelligence routines. I wanted to make a game where the enemies always did the smartest thing possible; where they worked in teams to get you, and where you'd have to think to avoid them. There is just one kind of enemy, but it uses every trick in the book to get you - even psychological tactics.
From an aesthetic perspective, I've tried to make the monsters look like computer game enemies did in the early/mid-eighties; they're Bubble Bobble/Mr Do! enemy clones.
The song "Sounds Like A Melody" from the excellent 1984 album Forever Young is used with permission from the band Alphaville.

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