Sunday, January 3, 2010

My top 10 pc games of 2009

This is my list with the best games that i played last year

1 call of duty modern warfare 2

2 Dragon Age: Origins

3 Operation Flashpoint 2

4 Assassins Creed 2

5 Empire total war

x-men origins wolverine

7 Prototype

8 Batman: Arkham Asylum

9 Resident Evil 5

10 Risen


  1. Thanks for the List of the games give above. Do you heard about World of warcraft game which is one of favorite game which i use to play often.

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  3. I really like war games and the first one is your list was the best. Ps3 repair

  4. War games are really interesting but while playing the shooting sound gives me headache. iphone 3g parts

  5. I've been inventing few robots on the ill world ROBLOX

  6. i have been played Resident Evil 5, very fantastic game

  7. no disrespect to dragon age and operation flash point but my no. two and three would be Assassins Creed 2 and X-men Origin Wolverine.

  8. Assassins Creed any day..I do like the others but this my all time favourite...thanks for sharing:)

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  10. Thanks for the list! Do you know a website that has of any good video game offers?

  11. This is such a amazing post. They all games are my favorite but mostly i play the Resident Evil 5. It is good entertainment horrible game to play.

  12. im excited for colonial marines in the fall this year, it actually looks like this alien game might live up to the hype. also excited for Starcraft II heart of the swarm and you cant forget Diablo III.

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