Sunday, January 3, 2010

Console sales for the last month of 2009

Console Weekly Total
1,688,427 (+123%) 116,458,047
1,066,463 (+49%) 58,373,806
763,990 (+110%) 27,878,344
481,402 (+57%) 34,203,373
325,272 (+59%) 53,323,440
163,443 (+88%) 133,286,271
Total 4,488,997 (+84%)



  1. I love your list, but I'd have to put Arkham Asylum higher...probably put that up and bring down Dragon Age a little bit. I realize it depends on the person, but I think the majority of casual gamers out there prefer a game like Batman to a complicated RPG like Dragon Age. Then again, I don't know the sales numbers so I could be wrong.

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