Saturday, January 2, 2010

Judge Takes Day Off To Play Modern Warfare 2 [Britain]

"Will Statton" - not his real name - is 48 years old. And when Modern Warfare 2 was released, he was up at midnight to get an early copy, then took the next day off to play. Problem?
See, according to a report in Britain's The Times, Will (guess he was spilling anonymously) not only bought the game and stayed up late, he called in the next morning and said he was "sick", when really he was up to his eyeballs in knife-fights and dead Russians.
Harmless day off, you say? Would be, were "Will" not a judge. A judge of 15 years, at a county court in Britain.
Some will be upset at this. Think a judge is too important a man to blow off a day's work for some video games. But you know what? Judge's gotta play games too, man. Judge's gotta play games too.
Meet the secret gamers [The Times, via VG247]


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