Monday, November 16, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine DS

The X-Men Origins: Wolverine for DS is a loosly movie based hack n slash game. The story grabs some elements from the movie that came out some months ago and puts the player on Wolverine's  steps.The Marvel's fans will already knows the plot for the others this game provides some basic knowledge about Wolverine's background and starts with Wolverine trying to escape from the Alkali Lake facility. The problem with the story is that the text that provides the game between levels is so horrible that do nt tgives the proper information about the hole thing. But this is not the only problem with the DS version of the game. This version is a completely 2D game with 3D graphics and adapts nothing from the PC, X-BOX, PS3, PSP and Wii versions. Logan has to move from one stage to the other and slash everything that stands on his way.The annoying with this is the enemies. I can not understand how is it possible to face so many enemies that can handle a slash from Wolverine's adamantium claws with just shields. I mean you have to control one of the most powerful mutants of Marvel universe and his claws can nut anything it is annowing to see that a guy with a shield can block you. Anyway somehow this hole hack n slash thing is enjoyable and when you do it for some time Wolverine can go to rage mode and then you can kill everyone in the room by moving the DS touch screen pen to different directions. The second annoying thing about this game is the low rat of Wolverine's regeneration power. it is soooo short rate that it is almost useless during the battle and make the game at hard mode too difficult.
The Graphics of the game are not good too. The enemies are not designed well, the mutants are horrible, the sentinels looks like babies and Wolverine's claws has the half size Wolverine's body. The only good designed are the rooms of the game and some enemies and bosses like Sabertooth and Gambit. The comic characters at cut-scenes are not well designed either and gives you the sense that this game is designed too fast just to make something for the DS.
I will rate this game 3/10. The hack and slash with Wolverine's claws is fun but the whole attempt to make a game with the minimum effort without respect to the characters and to customer's money is not something that i like. This money does not deserves it's money. If you want to play it either rent it from a video club or wait some months to decrease its price.

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