Thursday, November 26, 2009

Max Payne 3

Some news about Max Payne 3. The 3rd game is under development by Rockstar and not Remedy Entertainment that has developed the previous Max Payne games. This time the creator of Max Payne, Sam Lake will not interfear with the development. Another one that will not be seen, or better will not be heart is the voice actor James McCaffrey, because Max is older and his voice must be different or at least this is claimed by Rockstar. Max will be older ,mature, more cynical. His appearance will be a lot of different too. He will be bald, with facial hair and some extra kilos. The new story will take place at Brazil and special at Sao Paolo twelve years after the second game where Max is working as a security manager for a rich family. The Game was programmed to be released at fall of 2009 but it will be releashed at June of 2010. The game will has multiplayer mode but there are not extraa information about that. The game engine that is used is RAGE of Rockstar, the same one that used for Grand Theft auto and will be combined with Euphoria of NaturalMotion that guarantee realistic enemy reaction when they are hit by guns and to enviromental changes.

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