Saturday, November 7, 2009

Resident Evil 5 PC

The PC game that i played this month is Resident Evil 5 from Capcom. The new sequel from the from the well known survival horror series contains a very interesting plot with some of the classic characters  involved in it and goes the genre one step forward. What is new and remarkable about this game;
For the first time in the game series there is co-op action and you can play it in multilayer mode. I have played any Resident Evil have been produced for PC and i was very familiar with the characters and the plot but since the first Resident Evil created 13 years earlier programmers/designers have inserted logs about the game history for the new gamers.and provide a briefing about the past. and the characters  So if you are new gamer you will get a pretty good idea about what is going on.
You control Chris Redfield one of the protagonist characters of the Arklay Mansion case from the first Resident Evil. In this lifetime Chris has joined a worldwide military group known as the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance that fights against terrorists that spread biological weapons. After the Raccoon city incident (Resident Evil 2,3) the Umbrella corporation has been shut down but viruses has gone to the hands of terrorists and are spreading to Africa. So Chris is sent to a fictional African Region to investigate what is going on. Chris is not alone in this case, at the beggining of the mission you meet yout new partner Sheva Alomar. During the game you will meet faces from the past like Albert Wesker and you will go against a threat that you have never met before. All these in 6 chapters. that takes about 20 hours to finish The game follows a cinematographic style of view, something that is obvious through the game cuteness that are full of "Matrix" effects :-).

As i said this game is played in co-op mode. In single player mode you control Chris and computer controls Sheva. There are two different inventories with nine slots at each one that you must store weapons, bullets, medicines, Because of the fact of the two characters and the co-op mode you have to deride witch staff goes to Chris and which to your partner. You have to take care of enemies that are about to kill your partner etc. And off course your partner will help you during the battle and when monsters are over you. The perspective of the game is the same with Resident Evil 4, camera is behind Chris 's b ack and follows him all the time. You control Chris with the mouse to turn around and with the keys "w","a","s","d "to move forward,left,back and right. When you press shift Chris runs. By pressing the "t" key Chris make a slash with his knife, space aims with the knife, right mouse button aims with the gun and left mouse button is the fire.
Resident Evil 5 as the previous on has left behind any adventure elements that existing in the the first three titles. The game is based almost 100% on action and fighting. Except an extremely easy part with mirrors  you will keep on shooting and shooting monsters. This is not bad but i miss the essence of the first one. Probably this is the only thing that i did not like on Resident Evil 5 (and 4). Something else that RE 5 kept from the 4 is the zombies. These zombies are not stupid, they have weapons like rifles, shotguns or even and rocket lancers. Now they have even bullet proof armor. You will face many different  enemies in the game like mutated dogs, incests, giants and you need to follow specific combat strategies to take care each of them.

In this game there is not the known save system with the ink ribbons, there are just checkpoints with auto save. When you implement some part of your mission without any user action the game is just saved.
During the missions you collect coins,jewels etc. and after any chapter or dieing you can sell them to buy or upgrade weapons and medicines. You can buy and find many weapons during the game like handguns, Kalashnikov Ak-47, magnum, rocket lancer etc. Like the previous game there are bosses that you can wipe out only with one rocket.
As you can see from the images the graphics are amazing and the cut-scenes even better. I have played the game on a Inter core 2 quad 2.8Ghz with 4GB of ram and the nvidia 9800Gt with everything on full and the game runs smoothly. I do not know the exactly system requirements of the game but if you have a system like mine you will not have any problems. The sound is not something special but is good and gives the proper atmosphere to the game.

I am thinking about to start giving a rank to every game that i reviw so for Resident evil i will give a 9/10
The game is fun, the graphics are very good, plot is well written the only thing that i did not like is that there are no adventure elements. Probably it could be a little bit bigger.


  1. Nice review, game's tight but not like RE2 and 3!! For me the best is "Zero". As RE4, this one is not horrorful like the classic RE's. However it's a new experience and a prelude to another prospective of RE series... So, I hope that series will continue with a mixture of the engine of RE5 and the classic ones... Thank you...

  2. i wish they will go back into the horror sense of the first game