Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SEGA Shinobi for mobile phones

Sega have released a new Shinobi game for mobile phones. The game has been designed for mobile phones with 240x320 screen resolution and it is implemented with the J2ME platform for S60 series. Although it plays at any mobile that supports MIDP 2.0 profile.The game is released only in Japan and China for now but it can be found on the web...

I thing that it is a really cool action game, one of the best i have seen on J2ME and as i read from other web sites it has earned the attention of many gamers. Shinobi seems that still attracts gamers even if they already know the game series from the past or not. I am not surprise about that, every action gamer likes ninjas, surikens, swords and magic. Shinobi games has all of these combined with good graphics and the new mobile version continues the great job.

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