Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for Nintendo DS

The last days i have spent some hours to finish the Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. I can say for sure that this is one of the best games published for Nintendo DS. A truly outstanding hack n slash game for handheld platforms with unique control , amazing graphics and game-play. I assure you that this game is the the most adaptive game to Nintendo DS capabilities. 
The plot of the game is simple, your character is Ryu Hyabusa a master ninja that need to give battles against evil ninjas, fiends and dragon to rescue his young female apprentice.
The impressive about the game is the way you keep and control the DS. You have to flip the DS sideways and use the stylus to make any movement that you want

In the left screen of DS there is allways a map and at the right there are the characters and you give directions to your hero. For example by pointing on empty areas  you move the character and with simple clicks on non-empty/enemy containing areas you make range attacks like throwing arrows and shurikens. Every move except blocks are activated by stylush movements on the touch screen.
You are (double) jumping with (double) slide up, quick landing with slide down, tapple with sliding while holding block, horizontal slash with horizontal slide, verical slash with slide down etc. There and a super move that is performed by continues diagonal left right sliding of the stylus. There will be times that you will need to use even the microphone to go further into the game story. Yes that's right you will need to make noises to wake up someone :-)

The graphics of the game are very well designed and the cut-scenes combined with the side-view of the console provide you with a feeling that you are reading a comic novel that make the game even more interesting.
The only thing that i would like to had different in this game is the difficulty challenge.  The enemies even the final bosses are easy to be overcome and with the plethora of save points make the mission to accomplish this game an easy job. Off course after you finish the game for one time you can play it again in harder modes.

Your hero fights with a sword (the dragon sword), with range weapons (shuriken and arrows) and with nimpo magic spells. You will gain abilities to throw fireballs, lighting, dark magic, tornadoes,shards of ice and heal yourself.
Ninja Gaiden can connect to network and submit player's skills and compared them with the skills of other players. If you want to buy a game for DS and you have not looked on this then you must. Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword is the best game that i have played on DS and i guaranty that you will love it.

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