Thursday, October 8, 2009

Play Homebrew applications on Nintendo DSi

For those who do not know what homebrew applications are and they have never used one i must say that they have not seen what a DSI can do. DSI is a magnificent computational machine with many capabilities and must not be limited to licensed games for this console. Nintendo DS Homebrew applications are free software that has been created by independent developers and has not the Nintendo lisence. You can find applications such as these by a simple google search Nintendo DSi homebrew applications. There are thousands of games, with commercial quality that can be downloaded absolutely free. but there are mp3/4 players, internet browsers and many more application  All you need is a flash card and the proper DSI rom. The ligal purpose of these mod cards are to play Hombrew applications but thay can play and lisenced backup roms that can be downloaded from the web. Of course this is completely illegal.
There are many mods i know theEZ FLash Vi, M3i Zero, AceKard 2i, R4I Gold and others. I have the AceKard 2i and the steps that you must do to play homebrew are.

Format a MicroSD card with the the formatter that you can find at
Get the latest version of the AKAIO software from and put the _aio folder with the akmenu4.nds in the root directory of the MicroSD card
Extract the ak2loader.nds into _aio/loaders
Insert the MicroSD card into your Acekard
Insert the Acekard in your DSi
And play

There is and a video guide on youtube about this

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