Saturday, August 31, 2013

I have made and release a new video game

I am happy to say that afte a lot of time i have managed to finish a new game. I am into 3d game now because I have learned unity 3d and blender 3d and i made a 3d shotter game like crush he castle and angry birds. the name of the game is smash the goblins and it is made for android,iphone and windows tablets and smartphons. Also in the next few weeks i will have some time so i can start blogging again. I will start a unity 3d tutorial series problably and i am thinking of vlog probably. We will see ho it will go. You can read more for my game here 

You can see some screenshots of my game 


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  2. I don't understand, these screenshots are from the game you're working on? if so then well done! I can see it slightly missing textures but everything else looks awesome, but why 3D if I may ask? have you tried working on flash games? games like Papas Freezeria for example, those are extremely popular and much easier to make

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