Saturday, November 28, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine for PC

After the ds version of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine i rent and played the pc version. X-Men Origins: Wolverine for PC is a fun action game with influences from games like devil may cry and prince of Persia. The game plot is based on the movie but it is not exactly the same. The story describes Wolverine's life when he was a soldier and sent to Africa to find adamantium and after he has gotten the adamanium into his bones. The most characteristic part of the game is the over the top violence. Wolverine fights with his claws so every strike leaves blood on your screen and human body parts on the floor. The most notable ability of Wolverine is the fast heeling process and this ability is really embraced in this game. Wolverine will bleed and heal every time it get a hit. You will see him covered with his blood, you will see him with holes in his body, you will see even his bones and some seconds later Wolverine will be fine. The game has a decent gameplay and satisfies the gamer.You will fight in the african jungles, in Canadian mountains, scientific labs and other places and you will be against soldiers, African natives, mutants and robots. The big bosses of the game are well designed but since you have the healing power every battle is easy to win. OK you have Wolverine so the game had to be an easy one. The bosses that you will fight are Gambit, Blob, Sabretooth, Sentinel, Dead Pool and some minor mutants that are designed for the game. As you play the game you will gain new abilities, upgrades and combos, The way you fight reminded my Devil May Cry and i liked it , most of the time you will be surrounded by a number of enemies and you will be jumbling on them, throwing them onto sharp objects and you will be kill them extremely violently. Since in every battle there will be different enemies combined you will have you se different combos and strategies to go against them and you will not be bored of the fights. During the game you do not do any save, there are plenty checkpoints during the missions and when you die you just play from the last one. The graphics of the game are good but not something that you have never seen before, the cut scenes are well designed but some of them (like the ending when wolverine looses his memory) should be better.It took my about 12 hours to finish the game at normal mode and after that i wanted to play it and at hard. I really enjoyed that game even if it is easy and small i recommend it. Every fan of Marvel, Wolverine and x-men will like ti. I rate this game with a 8.5

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