Monday, November 16, 2009

New Super Mario Bros DS

I still remember the day that my parents bought me a NES with Super Mario Bros about 19 years ago. I really loved the game and i was a big fan of Super Mario and platform games these days. The last week a friend of mine made me a present, the New Super Mario Bros for DS a game that really brought me memories. New Super Mario Bros DS is a 2d game with 3d graphics that follows the game play of the games before Mario 64. This game has exactly the same game-play as Super Mario 1,2,3,World have. The story is simple as before King Kupa junior kidnaps prince Toadstool and Mario has to track him in 8 different worlds to take her back. You have to play only 6 of these worlds but since the game is so great and the levels are fantastic i do not thing that anybody wants to play less than 8 worlds.

You will fight in underground, undersea, icy, desert levels facing new and familiar enemies like Luckity (you can take his Cloud this time), turtles etc. Everything are designed  perfectly and reminds the old games transferred to the new age. This game provides even a multiplayer mode where players can link through wireless network to play as Mario and Luigi simultaneously. The only parts of the game that it lacks are the power ups and the game length. The power ups that exists in the games are: the famous mushroom that transforms Mario into Super Mario, the flower that gives you the power to throw fireballs, a new small mushroom that transform Mario into tiny Mario that can go to places that he could not go at the original size, a giant mushroom that makes Mario a giant that can smash everything on his way, a star that makes Mario invulnerable for short time and a turtle shell that Mario can hide inside and slide like an empty shell. The new power ups are good but are not great. I really think that they should place more power ups like Super Mario 3 had. The length of the game is short, you can finish every level in 3-4 days because the worlds are not so big as in the previous games and they are not so difficult to beat. The game is clearly designed to remind the old ones and this goes into the music too.

The old music and sound effects remixed makes you really think the past games and why not, the music theme is very good and gives extra points to the overall good sense of the game. This game will really make the older gamers to think about their childhood but i thing that i will be loved by the younger ones too. Mario has an incredible good and simple game-play that can be adapted buy everything. So New Super Mario Ds is a new class Mario game that deserves to be bought. I will rate it with a 9/10

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