Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Appsurf platform

I had an advertisement email today from a company that made a good platform called appsurf. The had implemented a browser version of the android emulator and the android developers can upload their applications and the users can play them online and if they like it then they can download

I have uploaded my game Rome at War Free here
AppSurfer AppSurfer Welcome, Alexandrois Open-uri20121121-2-axjc8p?1353516587 Rome At War Free Edit App Tagline: Romans go to war APK file Name: Medieval_Epic_War-release.apk Google Market URL: Default Layout: Portrait Description: Lead your legionaries to conquer RomeRome At War is a turn based strategy game inspired by board games like "risk" and "conquests of the empire" with some total advance war strategy improvements.There is help for the game through the "help option of the main menu" that opens the following url version of the game has ads, the full version has no ads and better computer AIPlease before you think that something is not working properly read the help page of the game carefully. When you transfer units are not disappeared. They will be available after the end of the turn. Screenshot Selected: Open-uri20121121-2-eyochk?1353516589 Options UnPublish App When your app is published it is visible on appsurfer. People can use your app and share it everywhere. See your app on Appsurfer App needs to be published to see your app on appsurfer. If your app is not published you can test your app in Sandbox mode. Test in Sandbox Mode In sandbox mode, you can test your app before publishing it. Also you can access your app session logs. Statistics See how your application is performing. Access visual graphs and data. Get Widget Code Widget code can be used to embed AppSurfer widget running your app on product pages, blogs, app review sites and other websites making your app viral. Get "Surf It" button Place it anywhere, and customise it as you want. Opens up a pop up box, and runs appsurfer widget running your app inside it. If you feel embedding widget takes a lot of space on the webpage, "Surf It" button is what you need. Delete App Use with CARE. This will remove your app, its uploaded files(apk, logos, screenshots). It will also destroy the history and stats for this application. © RainingClouds Technologies 2012 x Get Your Widget Code Copy paste the code given below to add widget to your website.

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