Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rise of the Argonauts for PC

My new review is about a game that  it supposed to have a plot based on the Greek mythology. Rise of the Argonauts is a game that releashed the previous year (2008) and it is a third person action adventure game developed by Liquid Entertainment and published by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game's plot supposed to be based on the myth of Jason and his Argonauts as he searches for the Golden Fleece. I say it supposed to be because the plot has nothing to do with Greek mythology. There are some known Greek hero names from the story of the Argonauts and from other Greek stories but they have nothing to do with the original ones.  You will see Jason, Achilles, Hercules, Nessus, Atalanta etc but their history is completely different from the famous journey of the Argonauts. I mean that i can not accept this Achilles is the gamous Trojan hero...
In Rise of the Argonauts you control Jason, who is a King of Iolkoss. Jason is about ot get married with Alceme but she is assassinated and Jason avenges her by killing the assassins after that he learns that there is only one way to bring her wife back to life, thegolden fleece. Traveling to Delphi, Jason learns from the Oracle that the only way to learn where the fleece is kept is to find three people that of the bloodlines of Ares, Hermes and Athena.

Jason start his adventure with Hercules by his side and during the game meets and take with hime Achilles, Atalanta and Pan . Its of his companion has his own abilities and helps Jason during the battles. While you play the game you will visit Iolkos, Delphi, Saria, Kythra, Mycanae and Tartarus. Ok, i did not liked the story of the game because i wanted the original one. Except of that fact i did not liked the Xena wat that the developers sees the Greek mythology. The famous ship Argo is fully automated, with mechanical parts, Daedalus is black and is a Rastafarian , Achilles acts like a parody of Brad Pit's acting at Troy and has a double spear that i am sure that is based on Darth Maul's lightsaber, titans (like Prometheus) and some other characters are designed like they are copied from Xena or Hercules (crap) tv series. And i have to mention that the developers do non know history, the present Ionians as a non Greek tribe, unacceptable. The only part that i liked about the game plot was the story about imagined about the creation of mankind and the golden fleece. It is a fission of the history of Prometheus and other greeek mythological events and i really liked it. Ok, i will let the story and the characters behind and i will stay into the game features.
The Graphics of the game are good but not so good for a game of 2008. It has a little better graphics than God of War 2 for ps2. The levels are well designed. especially the palace of Iolkos, Tartarus and Kythra. The sound of the game is really good and the voices of the characters even better. Really there is no lack on these features. The game-play is fun even if it gets boring in some places, most of the time you will want to see what is going on later on the game. The battles are too easy to beat, Jason has always three weapons with him a spear, a sward and a mace that you can combine to perform combos. Except of these you have skills to use that you can improve by completing quests and gaininf god favor points. So Jason get abilities like turning the enemies into stone etc. As i said Jason has companion to help him during the battle during the most time of the game you will have another  one or two hero(s) at your side.
I thing that an experienced player wil need about 15 hours to finish the game and an average player about 20 hours. I do not thing that you will sit and play the game again after you finish it one time. I will rate the Rise of the Argonauts  with a 5/10. you will have some fun during the gameplay but the low-end graphics, the short time to finish the game and the fact that this story and chaacters will be liked only by those you like the Xena tv series bring the game really down. It is really sad becouse with these characters and some ideas about the battles that exist in this game it could be a really hit

I have uploaded some videos of the game

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