Sunday, October 4, 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2


After the success of the X-men and the Marvel Ultimate Allicance. games all of us we were waiting for the sequel. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has released at 15 September and the PS3 version came to my hands the previous weak so i decided to write a review. The story plot cames from the Marvel Comics  universe and the Marvel Civil War with great storytelling, nice voice work, and superb cut scenes.

There are 24 playable characters in the sequel and include Green Goblin,Venom, Hulk, Blade, Cyclops and many others.The gameplay and the controls are identical to the first Ultimate Alliance and every player that had the experience of it will be 100% familiar with sequel.
Changes come with the addition of new power combinations that you will build up combos to bit up your enemies. The AI of the game is improved and make single player mode much more interesting, with the existence of the up to four players multilayer co-op mode makes a very good game.
Co-op mode you can be plaied locally or online over the PlayStation Network.
The visuals for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are certainly impressive in their own right.The character models design gives them a nice gloss with some very cool little details. It is pretty neat how they tried to add a realistic touch to each of these characters in the game through strong texturing and great animations.
Even if you have plaied the first part of the series even if you not if you like the Marvel Universe then  Marvel Ultimate Allicance 2 will sattisfy you for sure.

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