Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seafight browser game

ok, after the intro to browzser games it is time to right my review about Seafight. In case that you have not read my previous article Seafight is a free MMO game that you control a pirate ship and make battles against sea monsters and other pirates

In Seafight you'll find yourself as the commander of a ship. You startup with a small ship and crew and you have to kill monsters, face pirates and complete quest to expand your crew and improve your ship. With your registration you have to choose one server from around the world that you want to play and the game starts. As every browser game you have not to download and install everything. When you login there are option that you can manage through html forms and you control your ships through a Flass applet (like the ones that i will so you how to implement). Everything seems like the RPGs of the past years. For example like 4th coming but you can play it without any extra software, from anywhere and for free so its really cool :-)

The game is not just hack n slash. You must manage your crew and your ship.That means manage your food supplies ,rum etc. You have to make good usage of your weaponry beouse it is never pleasant to run out of cannon balls when you face giant lizards or dreadfull pirates even in digital.You must be aware about the shape of your ship and buy the best gear you can.The key is to keep balance between keeping your crew happy and make the proper updates.

The graphics of the game are good but it could be better. The images are great designed the lack is on the units inside the battles.

So if you like the forgotten age of pirates and you like the idea of sailing under the Jolly Roger flag give it a try

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